How to Create a Princess Themed Yoga Class – Perfect for Birthdays and Kids Yoga Classes

Princesses are loved by little girls. Of my three adorable daughters, two of them were princess buffs. I’ve lost count of the number of princess parties, princess costumes and princess cakes that I’ve been responsible for organizing and making. So, if you are in a similar situation and have a special little princess in your life who is looking for something princess themed and fun to do, then you are in luck because this article is about how to create a princess themed yoga class. It’s fun, easy, and will engage your princess and a court of her closest friends and advisors.

First of all, you need to decide what type of princess you would like. Personally, I love my princesses to be friendly, adventurous, creative, problem solvers, daring, full of integrity, compassionate, and lovers of fancy chocolate. I often use Dancers Pose to represent the princess.

Next, your princess needs a side kick, usually an animal, with whom to share her adventures and dreams. I often let the kids in class/at the party pick the side kick and name it. Some possibilities include dog, cat, frog, mouse, donkey, rabbit, tiger, etc. If there is no similar yoga pose, invent one that allows kids creative flow and physical expression.

Now we need an adventure that the princess may embark on. This move often involves either a fun-filled location (Nile River, Amazon Jungle, European City, Enchanted Island), or villainy (a wizard, wizard, landlord, moneylender, etc.) intending to wreak havoc on the ideal princess’ world, or both.

To warm up Dragon’s Breath (inhale deeply and exhale forcefully with fire) and Sleeping Beauty’s Breath (yawn and stretch).

Then the adventure begins. “once upon a time…”

She can cross rivers in a boat (Boat Mode), cross mountain ranges (Mountain Mode), and travel through magical forests (Variation of tree pose group), walk around the beautiful gardens (Flower Pose), visit the Great Pyramids (Pyramid Pose), swim with dolphins (Dolphin Pose), etc. Really your imagination is the limit.

During her adventures, the princess will meet new friends like the warrior and the dragon who help her defeat the villain and save the world. This is often done through magic combined with a character’s strength. Relive the fairy tales of your childhood and create a wonderful and heartwarming conclusion to your adventure that ties all loose ends. Personally, I like to drink the magical nectar of the lotus flower (Lotus Pose) that can only be ingested by the “pure of heart” so that the princess can overcome any enemy and vanquish all evil.

For a yoga game, change Swami Says to Fairy Godmother Says and go through the many poses used throughout your adventure.

As always, finish off your yoga session with a relaxing corpse pose as the princess and her court settle into a well-deserved rest.

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